About Us 

Manchester University Skydiving Club (MUSC) is a society which represents the Universities of Manchester, Salford, and Manchester Metropolitan University. Our aim is to introduce and guide people through the different stages of skydiving, from your very first solo jump to becoming a qualified skydiver, and all the subsequent levels and specialties. Whether you are only interested in one jump, or taking up skydiving as a serious sport, MUSC allows you to take that first step in solo skydiving and acts as a friendly community for all skydivers, experienced or novices, in Manchester.

In order to solo skydive, every person must go on a RAPs (or Ram Air Progression System) course. RAPs is parachuting training system designed to take a student from beginner to qualified skydiver status, or FAI A License (Category 8). The system is based on levels of increasing difficulty. Each time you jump, you must fulfill all of the criteria of the level you are on to progress to the next one. Whether you progress or not is judged by instructors.

As a club, we run courses almost every weekend at our home dropzone, Skydive Northwest, in the beautiful village of Cark in the Lake District – along with the Universities of Liverpool and Edinburgh. The courses run over a weekend, starting on the Friday night, with 8 hour training on the Saturday and potential jumping on the Sunday depending on the weather; back for Sunday lunch/evening. Included in the price is transport to and from the Lake District, mainly by train, unlimited alcohol (our evenings are not lightly forgotten, although do not have to be alcohol based and participation is optional), the course and first jump. Accommodation and food are located on site, although limited.

Once you’ve qualified, the fun really starts. There are many different disciplines in skydiving, including formation skydiving, free-flying, wing-suiting, canopy formation, swooping, sky-surfing, and base jumping. Whatever you’re doing, free-fall is an amazing feeling; looking down at the world from 15000ft, while plummeting at 200mph, with all your faith in a sheet of nylon, really puts life in perspective.

As well as skydiving, we try other activities such as indoor skydiving, nights out, weekly socials and ice skating, with more events planned for this year and suggestions always welcomed. Our society is a member of the British Collegiate Parachute Association (BCPA), along with many other university skydiving clubs from all over the UK, and we attend many BCPA events at drop-zones around the country. These events are always great fun, consisting of competitions, fancy dress, bouncy castles and live bands. The BCPA is a great way to meet skydivers from other universities, jump with other people, progress, and form teams. The BCPA also regularly organise tours to places such as Spain, Portugal, Dubai, and America.

We are an outgoing, multicultural, friendly and inclusive bunch of people who just happen to enjoy jumping out of planes in our spare time. We always welcome new members, are always up for new things, crazy or not, and just generally enjoy spending time with each other. If you are interested in joining our club, keep an eye on our facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/manchester.skydive/?ref=bookmarks ) where we post information about our gatherings and socials, or get in touch via the details on our ‘Contact’ page.

If you have never skydived before and would want to sign up to a static line (RAPs) course, or would just like more information, please visit the ‘What we offer’ page, or post on facebook (University of Manchester Skydive Club), or send us an email (muskyskydive@gmail.com). We would genuinely like to hear from you.