What We Offer 

Our Courses 

STATIC LINE COURSE (Solo Jump) – £200 (+£5 cash for packing). This is the first weekend we take you on, it includes; 8 hours ground training, weekends accommodation, travel, British Parachute Association temporary membership and free unlimited alcohol for Saturday night, solo static line parachute jump from 3,500 ft above the Lake District and your first jump certificate. The first jump is included whether you manage to do it this weekend or if you’re weathered out, you can come back any time to do it.

NEXT JUMP – ONLY £39! Come up any weekend after your first jump course and have all training included for another jump and another fun weekend! It takes about 18 jumps to get fully qualified but you can do as many jumps as you like in a weekend! The price of your jump ticket includes all the equipment you need and £5 of it goes towards the amazing people who pack your parachute after you have jumped (Also you just need to chip in money for petrol to whoever drives you up there)

Refresh – While learning to skydive you must stay current and that means coming away and doing a jump at least every 3 months if you do not have £39 for a jump then make sure you come up with us anyway and you can get refreshed for free which will see you for another 3 months and so on. If you go over this you will have to pay £50 for a retrain which will see you another 3 months to get a jump in. If you go over 6 months you have to pay for a full course again so stay current!

If you are looking for a one-off altitude experince, you can do a tandem jump. We don’t run these as a club but are happy to book you in, provide you with directions and will be there to share the excitement with you!

TANDEM (Attached to Someone) – it costs, £230, and you make your own way up to the drop zone in the Lake District on either the Saturday morning or Sunday morning and make your own way home. Once you have done your jump, if you would like to do another one then you will have to pay £230 again – not many students go for this option as it is costly and you do not get the perks of a fun fueld weekend that you get with the static line course.

Note: There is 15 stone weight limit skydiving. If you are over this weight you will not be able to jump, sorry. 

How To Book:

To book onto a course, contact us and/or come to one of our sign up evenings on Tuesday night socials at UOM student union Bar at 7.30pm with a £60 deposit. Course places are on a first come, first serve basis and cannot be booked without payment of deposit, which is non-refundable.

If you book onto a course and wish to move to another, this may be an option depending on space on other courses, you must request to move more than 9 days before your course weekend.

If you’re wondering if this is for you, a little summary video of what we all get up to on weekends, for your enjoyment: